Together but Alone

Together but Alone…

Poem dedicated to D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder)


You guys want to come out

but I fight you so hard.

You want to walk with me hand in hand, 

but I am so scared of that.

Then finally you come here,

thinking you are protecting us.

You think you are my savior,

but instead you are the one

that is sinking my life.

Then the little one comes out

just to paint or to cry.

Yes! To cry , to cry so hard…

for all those years 

that I held my tears back.

All of the sudden I wake up

with my chest tight and a guilt

that is too heavy

and I don’t want to carry it all my life.

All because I know 

that together we walk,

but alone I will always stand.

Cause you all are making sure

that in the end 

there is no one

but us…

The lady, the protector and the child.

Walking around hand in hand.

Original piece by:  Ormarie Aldoyn Ruiz


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