Tips from a Bipolar Disorder Patient

Sadly sometimes I had to be the one that withdraw from some heated discussion … If they only knew how difficult it is for someone with my condition (Bipolar Disorder among other things) to understand that it’s time to stay quiet, when in fact what you want is to scream and shout, to talk and talk nonstop. How ironic no?  That’s why I decided to put up a list of tips that can help make our experience in life more pleasant & sweet for you and me so it doesn’t become a life full of bitterness. I hope this can  help other people who have relatives who like me suffer from this mental illness.

1. It is very annoying that when you’re in a crisis , others accuse you that you ‘re not taking your meds . If you think I haven’t take them , offer me your help to manage my medication properly, and do not accuse me deliberately , the reality is that I need you by my side so I can maintain my condition under control.

2. Not all discussions will be caused by bipolar disorder, remember that at the end of the day, I ‘m human just like you, which makes me imperfect just like you. I am not my illness, I’m only suffering from it. I agree that sometimes my mood swings may itself affect me in my behavior, but remember even those whom are not suffering from a mental illness may differ and have arguments on many occasions, and if it weren’t like that our life’s would be very boring 😉

3. Please do not act as if you know what I’m feeling. So please stop saying that I have to put more effort so I can feel better, you should know that I’m doing my best.

4. If I hurt your feelings, please forgive me!!!! People like me with this disease we tend to be very impulsive, but believe me when we recover our reasoning a great regret invades us, often leading us to an horrible depression which is itself a burden awful to bear.

5. When I mention that wanted to disappear, I do not mean to manipulate anyone, but I know that I can become a heavy burden to carry and believe me I’m aware of it, but if you see that I’ve been mentioning that often, please go find me professional help because I do not want to die!!

6. Do not become a ” bully ” making fun of everything I do or calling me crazy when I’m not in total control, believe me it takes me down, it make me feel worthless and that is something that I already have to deal with everyday.

7. Important: if you see that I’m doing OK for one, two, maybe three weeks (by this I mean stable) do not expect this  to last forever, because I do not know when I can return to sit in the front row of this roller coaster that affects my daily activities. Be patient and do not ask, what is the matter with you? as if you had never seen me in an emotional crisis before, because believe me, I will not take it well. To me is like an accusation, as if you are trying to tell me that I’m not doing anything to stay as stable as possible.

8. Do not put me the Bipolar label and treat me with indifference, as far as I know people suffering with cancer are never called cancer man or cancer woman, they are called cancer patients. In the same way people who suffer from bipolar disorder we are not bipolar, we suffer the disease.

9. Finally, please do not accuse me of acting with malice, much less say that I can put more effort, because you have no idea what the daily struggle of a person with a mental illness is.

Patients with this and other mental conditions we really need your support and although we know it is not easy for you we want you to know that because of your love and patience we can be our better self’s.

Thanks for reading me!


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