Laughter is a great medicine!!!

HELLO MY READERS. I’m sorry I was MIA, I’ve been pretty sick lately so I apologize for that. Since 2 months ago I’ve been noticing how good is for me to laugh everyday. I couldn’t believe how much is helping having my sister so close,  She’s like my personal comedian, she definitely knows how to keep me happy with her funny personality and her silliness! Right now that’s I need, since I’m experiencing some mayor changes in my life… (We just move to another state). For the most part whenever I’ve experience changes like this in my life or my daily routine it becomes a trigger for my anxiety, it rises my anxiety to the max and it also pushes my bipolar crisis into overdrive.

But not this time, thankfully this time has been different in a good and positive way. I’ve been trying to focus in the good things that life can offer me, I also have the loving help from my precious family & my true friends. For now I’m doing my best to follow the saying “Live, Laugh & Love” and it’s been working! So common guys, what are you waiting? I know is not easy to laugh when you just want to hide under a rock and cry, but I promise if at least you try it you’re going to feel much better, specially in those dark days. I hope this recommendation can help you  and remember be strong because you’re special and you deserved to have at least 5 minutes of happiness!

With love: Ormarie Aldoyn


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