Mom, why do you have bipolar disorder?

As my daughter grow she’s able to identify my moods and all changes every time they come. She’s on red alert all the time, obviously because she thinks she can help whenever I start to act weird. Yes, I admit it, sometimes I’m weird, so what am I supposed to say to her? Well I simply tell her that I’m special (veryyyy special indeed).  But I’ve been noticing that she has more question than a year ago, that she is more educated that I can tell. That she’s been able to say “Mom you have anxiety” before I even realize it, but even though she’s so mature for an 11 year old she still asking the same question on and on: Mom, why you? why you have bipolar disorder? does that mean I’m going to have it too? Aghhh I hate whenever she ask me that, sometimes I just tell her “honey don’t worry about that”, but then comes: “But I have to worry mom” I don’t want to suffer like you!!! and you can imagine that my heart just shrinks hearing those words.

I think she’s too young to understand everything that has to do with my illness so I try to keep it simple, though sometimes is hard, because I feel that she had to grow and be a mature (super mature) eleven year old girl that can have conversations with me about my medication and how its so important for me to seek help. That’s why when she ask if she’s going to have this special illness (bipolar disorder) I’m planing on telling her this: enjoy your childhood and don’t worry for now, and if it happens that you inherited this, then you’re going to be better educated and prepared that I was when I got diagnose, that way your going to be like a super hero that knows how to use all your powers and strength to knock down your symptoms and have a happy and almost normal life. I hope that answer leave her satisfy. Here’s a link with info that is useful for kids that has special parents like me.


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